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    With the Valley Wheel Over-30 BASEBALL League........Since 2006
    Adult Recreational Over-30 League

    Baseball Players Wanted!   
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It's not too late to join us, we have limited roster openings.
First-come, first-served.
Contact Jim at 413-433-4308 or wheel12@comcast.net
ASAP for details.



                                                                                                                 Photo by George Skovera -- gskovera@comcast.net                                                 
                         2018 Champions -- Cubs

    America's Pastime -- The Real Deal: 9 innings, fast pitching, hitting, stealing, rounding third.....................
    scoring, full uniforms and umpires.  Stay in shape and make new friends.  13 Sunday afternoon / evening
    games and two mid week games from the end of April until mid-August; Every team plays 2 or 3 games
    each season "under the lights".  Enjoy competition and camaraderie with a great bunch of guys who
    enjoy the game as much as you do.  All are welcome regardless of experience.  Everybody plays and
    everybody has fun.  Be part of something special.  Something that happens once a year and once in a
    lifetime.  Don't miss out.  

    If you're on the fence, want to know more or simply want to talk about the league......call Jim anytime at 413-433-

    We want to thank everyone who played in the league.  It's hard to believe that we are going into our fourteenth season !


                                                               Members of the Valley Wheel Over-30 Baseball League
                                           Twins - Ken LePage Delivers; Base hit; Athletics - Don Pellerin hits a bonb; Is he safe?
                                                                              Photos by George Skovera -- gskovera@comcast.net
    In 2019 we will be playing in:
    Massachusetts --               
                                                                       South Hadley
                                                                       Springfield                      Wilbraham
                                            Agawam           Longmeadow           East Longmeadow

    Connecticut --              Suffield                                    

    Our league charter and goals in order of importance are:
    1.  To provide an opportunity to as many baseball enthusiasts as possible to play the game they love.
    Every team has roster openings that need to be filled.  If you know of someone interested in playing or 2 or 3 guys who’d like to play
    together……here’s the chance with open roster spots.  Get in on the experience and the camaraderie and great adventure.

    2.  To have a league with teams of equal strength.
    We hold open practice for rookie players so we have a chance to see everyone on the field.
    These aren't tryouts but more so that we can draft teams of equal strength.
    So that anyone can win on any given day.
    We are all in anticipation of the 2019 season.  There will be heavy competition this season.  Every game will be important.  Everyone has a
    shot at the Pennant and Championship!

    3.  Do our best to allow friends, brothers, sons and fathers to play together.
    We do not allow new “teams” into the league, we will allow two or three players to play to together and be drafted together.   Returning
    players who would like to play with a friend, your best bet is to put yourself into the draft along with the new player(s) and be drafted
    together.  We’ll do our best to accommodate you.

                                                                       2017 Champions -- Orioles

    The Valley Wheel Over-30 Baseball League is the most innovative, pre-eminent league in
    the country, here's why:
    Other leagues are formed by a manager forming a team and placing them into a league.  The result of
    this style league is very strong and very weak teams; teams that are 14-1 and others that are 1-14.  This
    is no fun for either team.

    The Valley Wheel is formed by individuals coming together to form a league.  One of our goals is to have
    parity among teams. The game of baseball is more fun knowing you have a 50% chance of winning
    every week.  Even competition where you can do battle every week rather than a blow out.

    Our ability to achieve a competitive league is what sets us apart from the rest.  

    The result of the 2017 draft gave us very competitive teams of equal strength where anybody could win
    on any given day.  It was by far our most competitive season. The Pennant winning Orioles finished with
    the worst first place record ever, 10 wins and 5 loses.  The fourth place Athletics at 8 wins and 7 loses
    were only 2 games out of the pennant.  The final standings were not decided until the final game of the
    season.  That provided for some exciting baseball!

    It is also interesting to note that the 2016 fifth and sixth place, Cubs and Orioles played each other in the
    2017 Championship game.

    2017 Standings:

          W      L      Pct.        GB
Orioles         10     5      .667        ----
Twins            9      6      .600        1.0
Cubs             8      7      .533        2.0
Athletics        8      7     .533        2.0
Angels           6      9     .400        4.0
Tigers            4     11     .267        6.0

In 2018 we repeated the competitive standing results of 2017 with the Pennant Winning Tigers at 10            
wins and 5 loses. The fourth place Orioles at 8 wins and 7 loses were only 2 games out of the pennant.  
Again, the final standings were not decided until the final game of the season.

2018 Standings:
    W      L      Pct.       GB
Tigers             10      5     .670        --
Athletics          9      6     .600       1.0
Cubs                 8      7     .540       2.0
Orioles             8      7     .540       2.0
Twins               7       8    .470       3.0
Angels             3     12    .200       7.0

In 2017 the first place Orioles were champs over the third place Cubs.
In 2018 the third place Cubs were champs over the fourth place Orioles.

Do you get it?  Teams are so close that every player in every game can make a difference.
Knowing you wake up on game day and you can make a difference!

It is quite an accomplishment and it is what sets us apart from the rest.

We have assembled a great group of players and Managers of high character and sportsmanship.  

We have a wide range of baseball talent and experience, some with a lot and some with little …..…….with a
common denominator…………..we all love baseball.  
We must embrace that, as that is the makeup of our league.

How do I get on a team?
    Join us and have some fun, print out the registration forms and send them in with your league fee as
    soon as possible as we accept new players on a first-come first-served basis.  It's as simple as that!
    Every year teams need players to fill roster openings.

    The bottom line is don't hesitate, you have a great chance to get on a team...............................
    if you get your registration in.
    We work hard to get every interested player on the field.

    Wondering if you can still play competitively?     Is this for you?
    We have open practices scheduled in April for league rookies.  The open practices give the team managers a
    chance to look everyone over so that we can draft even teams.  It gives you a chance to meet some of the guys
    and see if this is right you.  You may withdraw your registration at any time up until the draft on April 23 so you
    have nothing to lose, come check it out. (Note: No one who has attended a practice has ever withdrawn their
    registration, you'll be addicted.)  
    Once we have your registration you'll be put on the e-mail list for practices.  New players can register at anytime
    up until the last open practice.  After the draft is held, league fees are non-refundable.  

    What is the competition like?
    Players may compete in the league for as long as they feel competitive.
    However, a minimum proficiency to play the game is expected so that the game remains fun and competitive for
    the player, his teammates and the opposing team.  

    We have players that played college baseball and some that have never played baseball, everyone else is
    somewhere in between.  Age is the great equalizer, there are no stars here.  We are all trying to win, but
    enjoying the game is our number one priority. The pitching similar to high school level. Some pitchers can throw
    in the 70's and low 80's.  The best pitchers can change speeds and location to keep the batters guessing.

    Can I play with my friend?
    99% of the players come into the league as individuals.  We will allow two or three (max) players to play to
    together and be drafted together.   Just let us know on your registration form.  Returning players who would like
    to play with a friend, your best bet is to put yourself into the draft along with the new player(s) and be drafted
    together.  We'll do our best to accommodate you.

    When do we play?
    We start with practice 2 or 3 times in April.  
    We play one game per week on Sunday afternoons / evenings, except for Holiday weekends.  
    We’ll be playing a 15 game schedule from the end of April until mid August .  Most game times will be 1:00  to 4:00
    PM start times.  
    Rainouts will be made up on a Wednesday or Thursday evening.
    Top four teams make single elimination playoffs.
               Every team plays 2 or 3 games each season "under the lights".

    Where do we play? We're playing baseball around the valley....
    We play in Springfield, Chicopee, Agawam, Southwick, Wilbraham, Longmeadow, and East Longmeadow MA and
    Suffield, Enfield, Somers and Windsor Locks CT.  We would like to acknowledge those cities and towns for their
    support in making this league a success.  

    How much does it cost, what do I need?
    The league fee is $265 which covers pre-season practice, 15 regular season games and single elimination play-
    offs. The league supplies full uniforms which include a cap, jersey, belt and socks.  You need to supply pants
    which must be gray with no stripe. We have two board certified umpires each game. The league supplies balls,
    bats, catcher’s gear, bases, and helmets which must be worn while batting, on the base paths and coaching the

    Add up a few rounds of golf, a few times skiing, the cost to play hockey or tennis, a night on the town or take in a
    Major League game and you have to agree you'll get more than your monies worth in memories.  

    For new players the league fee includes a full uniform except pants. (jersey, cap, socks and belt.)
    Pants: Must be gray with no stripe.  
    You must supply a glove and cleats.  Both molded cleats and metal spikes are allowed.
    You can use your own bat.  Wood bats or -3 metal bats are allowed.  

    What if I'm not drafted?
    If a player isn’t drafted his fee is refunded and he is placed on a waiting list.  
    Wait listed players are used during the season to fill in any roster openings that may arise.

    Every year we take a number of players off the waiting list to join us in the first half of our season as we lose
    players who may be out for the season due to injury or personal reasons. During the season we encourage
    prospective players to take in a game and check out the action.  If you like what you see and think you will fit in,
    send in a registration form (no fee required) so we can get you on the waiting list and be able to contact you.

    Learn more about the league on the About Us page and from the articles and league survey

    If you haven't been signed by the Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees or any
    other MLB team it's not too late ....

    2019 Teams



                         2014 Champions -- Athletics